Girls climax in thirty seconds

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● let her forget the time
When you are considering how they hold on a little longer, many women are self-conscious very soberly consider the time is too long, then they may have to pretend to orgasm, or simply not even installed equipment, so count a. Solution? Do not let it trouble their climax, either you or them. A recent Swiss study found that for brain imaging, relaxation is to make a woman orgasm most important factor is the only factor. So let her know that you have plenty of time. The information you convey to her just how much longer insist, is more felt her pleasure – whether to enter the climax – and this is to relax and let her into the state of the shortcut. By the way, studies have shown that, under normal circumstances, women need 15-40 minutes to reach orgasm, so you know you have to go the children do?

● Use your wisdom to provoke her desire
The best sex is always undressed long before it began. According to the research of my colleagues at the university, wisdom, than looks and six-pack abs that arouse sexual desire. (However, the dirty habits and mess room cools down enough to make a woman completely.) So in some meaningful sing karaoke OK song, or for example to men’s self-deprecating let her laughable in the past. Yes, the humor is kind of wisdom.

● clothes off, and on opening praise it
From my practical research point of view, those who worry about the appearance of their lower body of a woman, it is difficult to reach a climax at the time of oral sex. Recent research also reveals that their own bodies are not confident or feel embarrassed women, not only sexual experience less, but not confident about their sexuality. Obviously, compliment a woman you’re likely to get everything. If you like the look of her naked, just like the idea that she share your right.

● chest walk, gentle supreme
In the previous play, swipe her upper breast, sides and chassis; these areas more sensitive than the areola and nipple. When gradually moved to her nipples, pay attention to how her reaction. If she is excited, the nipple will be congestion, but also because there will be a direct neural induction touch and want to explode. This way you will make her blood flow acceleration and vaginal lubrication, so she started getting better.

● learned that the key touch
Many women in your masturbation during her favorite thing was slowly helped her establish pleasure. Here’s how to do it. Lying beside her, gently covering the rear of the palm on her clitoris, and then use your ring finger and middle finger on her vulva lips. Initially there gently rubbing the skin, with her level of excitement and constantly add some pressure. You cover the palm of your hand around her clitoris, you can do indirectly touch – because most women are too sensitive, not like the outset direct contact with the clitoris. When she began to get excited when putting your hand on her pussy, with the palm of your rhythm, you can use the middle finger and fingertips teasing her clitoris.

● follow her pace
Once you are close to orgasm, even next to someone next to you trumpets, you will went ahead until the climax coming. But your woman might when you change positions and frequencies close to climax when suddenly stall. If you want to try to change, we are very happy, and a variety of techniques is very effective, but once you find our climax fast approaching, we maintain the status quo until we reach the end.

● let her cool finish
Two people can reach orgasm is admirable results, but many women – especially the clitoris super sensitive woman, would “Ladies first” This Code has made a very good response. If the beginning of time, you long to touch the clitoris, make her feel pain, and loss of sensitivity in the next masturbation and oral sex. So before sexual intercourse, we must first help her climax. Benefits you get: a woman after the first high tide will be entering a period of no period, so if foreplay once she has reached a climax, then after a period of sexual intercourse, will make her second orgasm easily reach . This thing sounds good do it again, right?

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Five options for Woman to masturbate

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When a man wants to vent their sexuality, can be solved by hand comes naturally, but for women, need to overcome numerous psychological barriers can easily use masturbation to satisfy their physiological needs. For women, masturbation a variety of ways. Here recommend several small series for you.

Woman masturbating optional five kinds of ways

Finger friction

Female middle finger and index finger are available, kneading or circling friction, or can also be used finger flick, try a different force generated by pleasure. A woman’s most sensitive parts, many women give adequate stimulation site, no insert, you can achieve orgasm.

Pillow between the legs clip

When you are tired with your fingers, might clip a pillow between the legs, thigh friction force, it will also stimulate you slowly reach climax. If you use the tool, you can put a pillow below the buttocks, so that you can change the position of the insertion of the stimulus.

Showerheads impact

When you shower, you can use sprinklers shock, which can increase congestion, cause sexual excitement, but do not send straight into a strong spray to avoid injury and infection.

Buy sex toys

Some women in a sexual spasm occurs at this time, masturbation is the best way to meet the physiological needs. You can go to the store to buy a taste for their own, in the case of insufficient secretion of lubricating fluid or condoms plus point, in order to have fun.


You can buy a shape like a small mouse “Tiaodan” and then activate the connection line switch this stuffed, “Tiaodan” will be like in the years bouncing back and forth, stimulating way different from the rotary pumping vibration mode, which is one good way to masturbation.

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private part color has nothing to do and experience of girls

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Rumors say, the more typical pink women experience fewer private office, whereas the darker representatives rich experience, but in fact, ah, every woman’s private office size, shape and color are unique, learn to love your body, it from beginning to understand these four things!

First, private office color, size and shape are personality

Choppy breasts, slim narrow waist, rounded hips, thighs ── abundance of beautiful woman’s body painted lines, always enchanted. Men talked about the type of woman he likes when, but also fell in love with a woman, you can not select it with favorite part. You fall in love with her ​​whole person exudes charm, even more smaller than the ideal chest, legs more crude than expected, you should not care now.

Like the face and body, as there are personality genital points. Size, color, shape are different, it is a matter of course. To man’s penis, this world no two are exactly the same now.

Nipples and genitals, even though a child is bright pink, but in the secretion of female hormones after the onset of puberty, the color will gradually become darker. It grows ripe color proof, but also on behalf of the body can already pregnant. Then with age getting older, the pigment will once again slowed. This is the amount of experience and men together, completely unrelated.

Second, there is no odorless hairless woman! Odors and hair can also cause sexual excitement

Sex has always been in contact with the mucous membranes of the mucosa may also be referred to secrete liquid behavior with each other to exchange it. And sweat, as here, of course, there smell. If Aiye, urethral gland fluid, semen is completely odorless, this is the exception. Despite the extent of the points, but both men and women, each person must have their own inherent odor.

Body hair is the same, regardless of sparse or dense, also a woman quite vexed question. Some men feel very puzzled why a woman would not long useless woolen? This is because many women eager to beauty parlor or own their body hair disposed of. Removing pubic hair woman recently more and more. “Woman in relation to no hair, little hair.” This is a woman on their own efforts to build up the image, but also become a bondage, reined in the woman’s neck, and said it really ironic.

Pubic hair is different. Completely hairless directly exposed genitals may very sexy, but also very attractive looks lush wild.

Third, a woman’s sexuality is determined by biological rhythms, as well as men’s feelings

American men’s magazine issue of “Playboy” symbolic pattern is ── rabbit. Rabbit is an exuberant fecundity of animals, but also throughout the year are estrus, so when using rabbit motif. In Europe, the rabbit is a symbol of vitality. Human males also and rabbits, they do not control the sexual libido is one of the male hormone testosterone. Men’s testosterone secreted by the testes stable, to around five years old will slowly decline.

In fact, women also secrete testosterone, and men except that it’s often a chart like the amount of change like curves. About women’s sexuality have a discussion, saying it was in “the strongest day of ovulation” “would like to have sex before the menstrual period.” Indeed, when ovulation, high testosterone values​​. But come when the menstrual period, this value will decline, but while inhibiting female sexual hormones = progesterone will fall. But testosterone is relatively superior position, so some women will feel agitated.

Just like that, a woman’s “wants” and “do not want to do,” unlike men, are susceptible to biological rhythms. So the temptation to go to bed during sex high success rate is relatively high, then? Things are not so single pure. After all, there are individual differences in ability to feel sexual desire, most women in addition to hormone issued instructions, plus “whether you like this person, this person wants to have sex”, otherwise the body would not respond.

If men think to pick her libido rising during sex, you can save invited her to go to bed and create an atmosphere of trouble, which is a big mistake! Lazy so hard on, it may be kicked out of bed.

Fourth, there will be a wet day, the day there will not be wet. Like sweat like Aiye

Why do women wet it? First, we have to understand its physical structure of it. When the human brain cortex receives messages of sexual arousal, blood will fall into children into the pelvis. Then a man’s penis erection; blood vessels inside the woman’s vagina congestion, labia minora and labia majora will thicken lubricating fluid leaking from the blood vessels, which is commonly known as “Aiye.”

Many men mistakenly think that “Aiye multi-sensory =” This is a very troubled woman thing! Amount Aiye have great personal differences. Some people obviously do not feel anything, but the vagina has continued to gush Aiye; Some people have the pleasure to revel in strong, but they secrete very little Aiye. Why is there such a personal difference? It can only be said to be different physique.

But with a woman, but also because of the physical condition makes secretion Aiye change. Before the menstrual period is difficult to wet, wet after drinking difficult, intense weight loss will become wet …… very easy not easy when wet and is not easy when wet, really vary.

Although we can not generalize, but the body of water savings abundant secretion Aiye will be more. True to say, like sweat, as long as drink plenty of water beforehand, can secrete than more. But I hope people will understand, clinging to the amount Aiye is pointless thing.

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woman private parts black color a very normal phenomenon

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Many people stubbornly believe that a woman’s nipples, labia and other private parts black, is the “promiscuity” performance, which makes a lot of sexually experienced young women who have not yet suffered BuBaiZhiYuan. Facts like? Here to discuss health topics under the woman’s private office, not only women, men should also be understood that the other half to avoid misunderstandings happen again.

In fact, a woman’s private parts were black is a very normal phenomenon influenced by hormones in addition to outside, and personal constitution also has a relationship.

1, the breast

Although we all think pink is very cute, but said that is not mature enough pink, the color black is a mature standard.
Only to sexual maturity, nipples will become dark halo color, this is because, thanks to sex hormones breast nutrition provided, the woman had sexual experience, the nipple will have such changes. Because sexual activity will promote the pituitary gland and then secreted by the anterior pituitary hormone stimulation of many, in fact, not only the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland, and even the middle will secrete a hormone stimulation of melanin, so the nipple color black At this time, the rapid development of the original small breasts will become plump and beautiful.

In addition, there is a black breast possibility that pregnant women, women will find that after careful pregnancy, breast series of changes occur: some early breast will increase, and some will become solid and heavy; breasts will have a full and a tingling sensation; dark yellow around the nipple and areola small particles is particularly prominent; color black nipples, also issued a black sheen.

2, labia

About labia black, there are many interesting speculations, such as “a woman’s labia black, is due to walk friction, resulting labia black”, “because some lotion bad, looks like there are a lot of lotion is corrosive” and other and so on. These claims are very funny, but it is not a scientific fact that women generally do not rule out the labia darken the following reasons:
Genetic Cause: The decision nipple or labia majora, labia minora primaries are genetic factors, there is no pregnancy, childbirth experience, young women, the labia even black, is innate, if thought she was “played” and that’s very rude thing.

Caused by too frequent sex: sex life, labia long-term repeated stimulation by external friction, resulting in partial pigmentation increases, its color will migrate over time and become increasingly deepened, this is a normal physiological phenomenon, while sexual stimulation hormone melanin also make the labia become dark halo color.

Normal pigmentation: female genital color is affected by their pigmentation, and this pigmentation is also concerned with the female hormones. This color depth extent varies with the amount of pigment itself relevant. Natural skin than white women, will be slightly pink, naturally darker skin, genital pigment will be relatively deep.

3, inner thigh skin

Some girls may find that careful, since there sex life, inner thigh skin begins to become more and more black, it looks ugly, unsightly, or even make them feel ashamed and resentful, in the end how to do it?

In fact, we do not need to feel sad or indecent, because the inside of your thigh, that is, we often say that part of the shares, which as with the sexual organs, hormones will be affected, it is more likely to be black, in fact, it is very normal phenomenon, but also the relationship between individual physique, do not be too worried; addition, there may be too tight to wear your underwear on weekdays, oppression vascular circulation, in the case of blood circulation ring true, melanin can easily sink, you skin color, it is easy to become darker, then suggested that a more lenient to wear underwear, to relieve what your inner thigh skin.

Woman private parts and maintenance methods

1, private parts use special cleaning products
Scalp, face and body skin’s pH value of 5.2 to 5.8 are acidic, for us, these sites were using shampoo, shower gel cleanser and can be said to be more natural, but also; however private parts because there is located vaginal opening bacteria (lactobacillus) produces lactic acid, the pH can be maintained at 3.8 to 4.2 acidity to prevent the growth of bacteria (bacteria prefer alkaline environment), the use of generally neutral or alkaline bath milk and soap, easy to destroy the natural protective film private parts, it requires a dedicated acidic cleaning products.

2, intimate skin needs special care
Private skin and lips, skin structure is similar, only a thin layer of cuticle covering the dermis, drain the water easily, plus modern women because of pressure, rest is not normal, private parts resistance is weak and difficult to maintain an acidic environment, so they need private parts can enhance force protection moisturizing products, in addition to maintaining the natural acidic protective film, and when the moisture adequate care can improve your dull, so that the “sister” feel more supple and translucent.

3, do not wear tight jeans
And privacy of personal skin closest to the small pants breathable natural cotton is better, because of poor quality dark dye could easily lead to allergies, while girls wearing tight jeans, stockings and thong will allow private office hot and humid, the menstrual period should try to avoid, but also frequently changes the napkin to keep dry. Access to bathing or swimming pools and other places, to avoid sitting in the pool caused by infection, in addition, staying up late, pressure, and fried and spicy food, but also will affect the pH of the private office of the.

4, after the removal of movement “sister” smell
If you want to avoid this embarrassing situation, the best is to get a dedicated cleaning supplies to clean after the exercise, if the outdoor sports, you can use the private parts before going out special talcum powder to keep dry, but also in sweat or exercise after the private parts or special wipes clean achieve a temporary effect.

Other private parts and maintenance tips

1, trim body hair

The best way is to “cut.” Hot wax hair removal cream will damage the skin with a variety of V region, causing unnecessary irritation or even bacterial infections. Although no such trim both so thorough and immediate, to V area of health, you can let the other half to tidy the garden for you.

2, to avoid infection

Hundred percent cotton underwear is the most intimate of protection V area. In addition, to minimize wear tight jeans and other clothing hoop tight buttocks, they can cause elevated body temperature, bacteria, thereby increasing the number of yeast, causing vaginitis.

3, vaginal firming exercises

PC muscle to tighten the pelvic muscles and nearby. With suppression efforts and methods to urinate, each for 2 seconds or more, three times a day, 15 days a month insisted. This will not only be able to maintain tight vagina, vaginal wall will promote blood circulation, increase its sensitivity.

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How many times a woman can withstand a night of sex

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Women are affected more than the number of sexual health, it is a matter of concern to everyone. Women during sexual intercourse generally through the following link.

First, under the caress of fantasy role of self-stimulation, the body appeared excited reaction (to arouse sexual desire), shortness of breath, rapid heart rate (an increase of 10 beats / min or more), facial flush, spirits; feeling swollen breasts, nipple swelling due to congestion large projections, there will be slight contact pleasure; vulva secrete a small amount of liquid, lower vaginal occasional reflex muscle contraction and obvious pleasure. After the penis is inserted in the penis twitch stimulation, the body further excited, obviously pelvic congestion, lower vaginal muscle contraction, tightly wrapped around the penis (plateau), sensory stimulation of the penis is more obvious, there is a strong pleasure.

On the basis of the plateau, about five to ten minutes of time (or longer or shorter period of time) can achieve orgasm, showing the head and face and body skin hyperemia red, light eyes together, expression of joy, breathing shortness or accompanied by groans, heart rate over 100 beats / min, breast stands, protruding nipples swell further, to the sides of the labia majora uplift valgus, labia minora congestion dark red and protruding outward, the clitoris was thicker longer erection , pulled up to the pubic symphysis, genitals secrete large amounts of thin, transparent liquid, the most fundamental characteristic is lower vaginal sphincter, pelvic floor muscles and systemic skeletal muscle involuntary, rhythmic contractions forcefully, warm and powerful pleasure throughout the body, mind naturally stagnate, all consciousness are immersed in the intense pleasure of orgasm and extreme happiness.

Finally, the resolution phase, rhythmic muscle twitching orgasm lasts about 5-30 seconds after getting a natural stop. Subsided body reactions, such as pelvic congestion, etc., then gradually subside within 20-30 minutes, the body return to normal state.

In the above process, multiple possible effects on sexual health are:

A penile vaginal insertion on several women’s health. Penis into the vagina and twitch, which the vagina is a mechanical stimulation, and may be bacteria into the vagina. The vagina is composed by stratified squamous epithelium, with strong anti-friction ability, if there is no friction stimuli produce pain, even sex more often, sexual intercourse for a long time, there is no problem. Individual women in the penis into the obvious pain, which may be inadequate preparation and caressing, vaginal fluid too little about the mouth, or have sexual intercourse with obvious fear leaving the lower vaginal muscle spasm excessive, and may have been there is inflammation of vaginal infections caused pain when the penis is inserted.

Repeated sexual intercourse, the penis when the penis is inserted or female genital dirty if so, might some bacteria into the vagina, increasing the chance of vaginal infections. However, the natural growth of the female vaginal lactobacilli can produce lactic acid, adjust the acidity of the vagina. Ph value under normal circumstances, maintained at about 4.5, typically in such an acidic environment, bacteria are unable to survive. So the vagina has a certain resistance to infection in the body immunity under normal circumstances, even a short time would not lead to repeated sexual intercourse vaginal infections.

Second, multiple orgasms impact on women’s health. Orgasm is a human instinct after a long evolution generated. Human nature is the ability to launch and undertake orgasm response. Therefore, reaction to the female orgasm is no health damage, modern scientific research results show that orgasm can improve the body’s functional state is conducive to health.

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In-depth understanding of “private liquid on women’s underwear

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Liquid from the women’s underwear can determine your current health status, smelly underwear? Vaginal discharge yellow? Even have blood on underwear? Look at what ails you.

Do you also have such problems, smelly underwear? Vaginal discharge yellow? Even have blood on underwear?! Vaginal discharge occurs when the number, color, odor change when your reproductive system is in the alarm!
Experts advise: In many cases, “Private liquid” It gynecological diseases, “spokesman” of women’s underwear on.

1, underwear smell?
When there is no normal vaginal odor, vaginal discharge is egg-like, if vaginal odor, mainly because white with odor, vaginal discharge volume increased significantly, with white foam and sour smell, there may be trichomonas vaginitis; If the yellow vaginal discharge quantity, smell, accompanied by genital swelling, burning and frequent urination, urgency, dysuria, may be bacterial vaginosis.

2, underwear yellow?
Residue like or curd-like vaginal discharge, itchy vulva with, even in large public places can not help but scratch the vulva to relieve itching. Candida infection is common in fungal vaginitis.
Rubbish like vaginal discharge is white, massive, mostly left in the vagina, the doctor relatively easy to diagnose. Because most of the thick yellow vaginal discharge, so it is easy to distinguish.

3, underwear bloodshot?
Two blood vaginal physiologic and disease resistance, in general women in the ovulation period and some people will be ovulation bleeding that midcycle bleeding refers to bleeding between menstrual twice the normal amount, may be associated with there are different levels of the small abdominal pain.
But may also be due to acute vaginitis, cervical polyps, severe cervical erosion and other gynecological diseases caused.

How to wear healthy?

1, wearing panties the “three noes”
One should not wear tight underwear

Two should not wear dark underwear

Three should not wear synthetic underwear.

2, cotton cloth, ventilation and sanitary
Many women have the lower part of the itching, discoloration troubled smelly vaginal discharge, which is material in small tight pants caused no ventilation. When the purchase of small underwear, preferably cotton cloth can be relaxed design based.
In normal days take care of the lower body perfectly healthy, have a special day in the capital wearing a specially designed small panties. Captured the hearts of the other half want to, you had better pay attention to the lower body hygiene.

3, the sun, ultraviolet disinfection
Many girls in order to keep the image of a lady, always the little panties hanging in a dark place. This child will live up to the kindness of nature, because sunlight contains ultraviolet, can sterilization, keep small underwear health.
If you still embarrassed to let small pants sun, we must use the dryer to dry thoroughly little pants. Small clean and fresh underwear, their only comfortable to wear.

4, hand wash underwear
Underwear matter is best to wash your hands with, or separate cleaning, try not to wash with pants, socks.

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Hymen (virgin) important or not

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Women after sexual intercourse, if ever let the male had his semen into the body, which would allow a woman to lose its “most original pure genes”, the uterus secretes a liquid, to provide energy for the sperm, and allowed to live a memory in the womb day -3 to extend its chance in combination with eggs. Also, will kill some poor sperm vitality, reaching eugenic purposes.

However, is this discharge, after the sperm decomposition absorbs some genes of sperm and save up. This saving is permanent, and will be passed on to female offspring. Can not excluded.

In those days, women and men in sexual intercourse, millions of sperm a man entered her body, after the sperm enters the female body, in addition to part of the outflow, the other will occur autolysis. Autolysis when they will release a genetic material “ribosome”, is absorbed by the glands of female genital mutilation, while semen contains a variety of hormones, these hormones will be absorbed by the female body.

Sperm and sex hormones to be absorbed in the genetic material – “DNA deoxyribonucleic acid” and “RNA ribonucleic acid,” Genetic variation can produce the precursor cells are assimilated, thereby causing the oocyte after time also changes, thus generating “no distance genetic” effect, so if and woman had sexual experience married son would like the reason why other people there.

Another woman in the uterus secretes micro-proteiningredient Council and the role of the male sperm proteingenes ingredients will orientationfactor passed on to the next generation .. None had sex only women, only pure genes to breed only belongs to a man’s “true purebred offspring.”

Women (there) and (no) who have sex in physiology will change a lot of difference. Because of the physiological aspects of a man’s semen into the body, it will be absorbed by the vagina, and then continue to circulate in the body. Man male and female hormones estrogen the body produces similar chemical reactions. This reaction produces new substances inside the woman’s body will produce subtle changes, then changes will be fixed. This is what people usually call “has been nourishing love,” so the woman would change her life first man did not forget. If two people have sex for a long time, then a woman’s appearance will gradually like the man she loved, so there “husband and wife”, said.

In psychological terms: Due to the potential in the human consciousness which, there is a orgasm, a woman’s orgasm after to go through physical contact, then gradually civilized, while the woman is sensual, so women developed the first man in her psychologically lifelong forget, but a different man, may, without physical contact, visual auditory sensitivity can easily climax. Therefore, the first time a woman is very valuable, not just that layer of film, but the first man humoral hormone ingredient woman’s life, will be attached to the inner wall of a woman’s vagina and uterus, release a genetic material, whether you are and you are not the first man to get married, so there is a certain hormone ingredients will affect the next generation personality, appearance, hobbies.

In China, folk has been circulating since ancient times, “the son looks like her ex-husband,” the statement, that is, a women remarry after divorce, children born to look like the father, but as the woman’s ex-husband, life often remarry women and children are now born husband, looks more like her ex-husband, some sudden, family conflicts, the husband thought his wife was having an affair, in fact, it is this hormone-induced component attachment. Speaking from the other side, if they and their offspring with her husband, actually there are likely to be before the shadow of a man around, whether it is the taste of both men and women are not psychological, at the pros and cons of women with or without sex differences here, testing the report shows that female one, but lost its original purity of the gene, such a change would be permanently altered.

Why would a child looks like his wife’s ex-husband? Original, it is because marriage with her ​​ex-husband’s life, hundreds of millions of sperm into the wife of the body, in addition to part of the outflow of the vagina, the other have taken place since the dissolution. Autolysis when they will release a substance that is absorbed by the female reproductive organs and endometrium. At the same time, semen also contains a variety of substances, which have been absorbed by the female uterus. Absorbed by the material, can affect the mother’s womb cells, thereby causing the egg or embryo also changes, so as to produce a son, ex-husband’s genetic phenomenon.

In the British countryside, a “graying” white sow, wild boar head with the same “dark brown” mating, produced under the “miscellaneous breeding” descendants of pigs. Soon “dark brown” dead wild boar, which head “gray” white sow again with local “boar” mate, give birth to a second child pigs. It is puzzling that fetal pig’s body, with long scattered mottled “brown mane”, a bit like them before, “My father.” This phenomenon is called “indirect genetic” for this phenomenon, racked their brains, but also puzzled.

A head first “black sow” and a head “white boar” mate, pig birth to just have “white”, there are “black”, but also “flower” of. The second time he changed this first “black sow” and a “black boar” mating, the results produced under the pig is still there, “white” and “flower” of. This experiment also shows that, “sow” really can “boars before mating genes” absorbed into the body, affecting the next generation.

In the modern “genetics expert,” also found that a “thoroughbred filly” and “thoroughbred stallion” another different type of mating, pony birth to their shape characteristics with “parental traits.” Thereafter, the “filly” and all the “stallion” strict isolation, when it re-heat, let the “filly” and “same species” of “male horse” mating, pony birth of “certain shape features “, in particular” hair color “, he did actually something like,” My father. ”

For nearly a century, through a variety of study and research, the scientists found that “telegony” is like not only at the “pigs, cattle, sheep,” and other animals, in humans, “parenthood” process is also not uncommon. Some biologists have made this explanation: In nature, the sexes do not necessarily mate “instant success”, even if there is a sperm and egg combine, there are always “hundreds of millions of sperm,” failed to hit the ground running, they will happen “autolysis”, releasing large amounts of “nucleoprotein”; these “nucleoprotein” and “decomposition products”, usually is absorbed by the mother “endometrium”, thereby affecting the future “fertilization” and “fetus.” the genetic changes.

Despite these explanations so far have not found a convincing basis, but people have been inspired by “telegony” is like the. Especially in the “animal husbandry”, when the fine varieties of “sire” relative lack of will as much as possible to let the bulls “dams” first and “thoroughbred sires’ mating this (that is, polygamy Kazuo mean), this” dam “will be able to get the “excellent quality sire gene”, multiply the good of future generations, even if these “females” after the “other sires’ mate, also enable future generations to maintain” a part “from the” Fathers “excellent traits .

Recent year study showed that some of the material may be connected to a specific gene, inhibiting gene expression. These substances as gene switches the lamp, once connected to the gene, gene expression will be turned off.

This is the most interesting places: the most recent year of the study showed that the food we eat, or smoke cigarettes, or female first sexual behavior, substance absorbed by the endometrium, was able to turn on or turn off the embryonic gene switch ! Uterine sperm will be absorbed to produce sperm antibodies, sperm antibodies will affect embryonic gene DNA methylation, indirectly affect DNA. Substance contained in a man’s semen into the blood circulation of the female reproductive system to produce antibodies, it has been the scientific experiments confirmed. Such new research is changing the entire field of genetics, and even become a deputy school gate, called the “post into genetics” (epigenetics).

Scientists and do the experiment: one, the live R strain bacteria and S together, and put the S bacteria harmful substances: After a period of time, S bacteria all dead, but the R bacteria dominance. Second, the dead and the living bacteria R S bacteria together, and put the S bacteria harmful substances: Scientists have discovered the same time S bacteria can not survive, but it produced a R bacteria! ! Why? R gene fragment as dead bacteria being the S bacteria, and converted into the R gene resistant to environmental bacteria! Gene fragments of the same reason = death ex-husband sperm is being absorbed by the female reproductive organs and uterus.

The substance can be absorbed by the mother’s womb cells mutate, thereby causing the egg or embryo also change. Cite examples of the formation of cervical cancer and human papillomavirus (HPV) have a close relationship, when cervical epithelial cells are infection, and thus provide the cervix extra milky sudden viral nucleic acid (DNA), it is easy to cervical cells mutate into cancer cells another paid [ex genetic] – the most obvious example of a scientific basis, that is, cc (full called copy cat, which is a copy of the birth in 2001 a cat, please note that he and his mother carried the gene is identical, but the cat’s fur is white flowers, his mother is a tiger body markings, completely different, which may indicate positive offspring appearance, external factors, genetic factors clearly better than parental influence is far greater, which is why, the main argument is that the genetic ex-husband or ex-husband sperm front tire brought some material impact genetic variation offspring appearance, caused by the new survey also found that if the woman was pregnant, through the placenta, the baby’s umbilical cord stem cells will be entered along with the mother, so the baby’s stem cells will become part of the parent stem cells.

The results of these studies, they have proved that only women have never had sex, only pure genes to breed, belonging to a man’s “true purebred offspring.”

Look like, there is no discrimination against non-virgin females mean! But I hope women can cherish their first and their bodies.

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